Hey, Berry

Preview of my Blake Belladonna drawing. 

Definitely not done. Definitely gotta fix those arms and stuff. :/

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Did anyone else catch Emerald’s rejected hug?

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I’ll be there Saturday with dovahkiinbombshell cosplaying as either Ryuko Matoi or Jade Harley!

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Ryuko Matoi: So Sexy She Might Pass Out by Khainsaw

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Ruby Dress by andoberry

I’ve had RWBY prom dress designs for a few months now and just got around to drawing a real picture now. 

I tried some new shading/highlighting techniques. I really like what happened with the hair.

Her skirt is supposed to be like this material. I added the chiffon fabric shawl/scarf thinger mabob because she is based off red riding hood and I wanted to incorporate the hood part somehow.

The rest of team RWBY is on the way.
Made in Paint Tool SAI
Ruby Rose is from the show RWBY and created by Monty Oum.

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Dances are Dumb by andoberry

So Volume 2…

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Theme Update

I fixed up my blog a whole bunch!

I changed the appearance and added some pages. There’s a new about me page and links to my other social media accounts. Check it out! :)

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Waterfall | Color by andoberry

Black and White Version

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Waterfall | B+W by andoberry

Colored Version

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Bell by andoberry

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